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1931 National triolian bottleneck glass slide Korg PXR4 4 tracks recorder Boss SP303 sampler Digitech DXX DigiDelay pedal Boss RC20 loop station pedal Thumbpick just the usual mess... Last minute ! If you're visitor #1000 (see below) or near 1000 (until 1010), send me a "print screen" image of your visitor number and I'll send you back my "Homemade Slides" homemade CD...Don't forget to mention your postal address !
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Dernière minute ! Si vous êtes le visiteur N° 1000 (voir ci-dessous) ou autour du 1000ème (jusqu'à 1010), envoyez-moi une impression écran avec le n° de visiteur et je vous enverrai en retour mon CD "fait maison" intitulé "Homemade Slides"...N'oubliez-pas votre adresse postale !
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Call it "new-blues", "alternative-blues", "ambient-blues", "electro-blues" or simply "blues"...The whole idea of this page is in the picture : acoustic guitar (National is best !), samples, loop and delay pedals, slide...Go find yourself wotizwot in the picture !

There is a database about music made this way, still under construction...
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You can listen to samples from myself (in RealAudio) :
- Arabic gum (some traces...) What if a guy in Bagdad puts his fingers on a National...
- Raga Blues What if a guy in New Delhi puts his fingers on a National...
- I'm not even sad
- Joseph & Arthur had a long talk : Read a review about it at
- Waiting für das Bazouf
- The Good Book Rainer Ptacek's cover
- Cheer Down Rainer Ptacek's cover (from George Harrison...)
- Altar David Lindley's cover

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